Mancini's Bakery

(412) 281-8116
440 Market St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Mancini's Bakery

440 Market St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (412) 281-8116

Mancini Bread originated in 1926 when James Mancini, an Italian immigrant opened a one room bakery in McKees Rocks, PA. At the age of fourteen Jim apprenticed himself to a baker. After mastering his trade, Jim, who loved to experiment, developed his own bread formula. He rented a space and began a tradition by baking 100 loaves a night and then delivering the fresh bread to his customers the next morning. The "twist " bread was his trademark. Jim's father, Frank Mancini, noticed his son's industry and built a small bakery building in the West Park section of Stowe Township for him.
After World War II Jim's brother, Ernie joined him as a partner in the bakery. The two brothers enjoyed a successful partnership until Jim's retirement. Ernie's son, Frankie, joined the firm in 1971 after graduating from the University of Miami and the Dunwoody Institute of Baking in Minneapolis.

Frankie inherited his uncle's love to experiment and developed the formula for Mancini's Famous Raisin Bread. Sadly Frankie died in an accident in 1977. Keeping up the family tradition, the bakery is now owned and operated by Mary Mancini Hartner, Frankie's sister and Ernie's daughter.
Although Mancini's now bakes more than ten thousand loaves a day, the bakery still utilizes most of the same Old World techniques, which Jim Mancini practiced in 1926. The bakery employs forty-eight people.